Hi Aslan! Hows it going? I must say the reception to your spicy chai has been really superb - one girl said she “knows chai well and this was the best spicy chai” after trying it.
— Paisley N., The Capilano Tea House
I’m such a die hard coffee snob but every once in a while something stops my rhythm... Aslan’s chai and his attention to the craft of making things taste remarkable are freekin’ remarkable!
— Todd Inouye, Creative Director: Litmus108
Best frikkin chai in da city of Van. Right here in Makerlabs
— Alex B., bocajj.com
I love a good chai and I’ve tried many. Aslan chai stands out as one of, if not, the best chais I’ve found in Vancouver. It has a rich flavour with the perfect amount of spice. I can tell a lot of care and precision goes into the making of it. A high quality product made locally by a small company, that’s a winning combo for me.
— Garet Robinson, The Uncommon Good Reclaimed Design
The Spicy Chai is my favourite! Sweet, creamy and a bit spicy, Aslan’s secret recipe spice blend is perfect every time. I also love that he uses almond milk - it’s light flavour is a delicious complement to the chai.
— Julie V.O., burn & yonder