ground from whole spices. no syrup. no powder.

Not being satisfied with syrup and powder-based mixes Aslan made his own version of spicy masala chai to be made traditionally: in a pot. His goal was a perfect balance of sweet to spice and after serving the first few batches at local markets, it took on a new destiny. Aslan Chai was born.

Super Chai

Use Aslan Chai as a base and add more spices, black tea, coconut oil or coffee.


Bake cookies, loaves, muffins, shortbread and more.


Marinate chicken or use in a curry. Push your limits.


Infuse in Kombucha, cider or liquid soap. Or Make a bar of soap.




If you're looking to revamp your chai offering, look no further. Whether you're a high traffic cafe or a laid back neighbourhood joint, we'll work with you to find a solution that fits your daily operations.


Stock your shelves with something unforgettable. Nothing makes us happier than to see your customers coming back for more chai.


Looking for something special to send your clients? Aslan Chai makes it easy by shipping directly to your client. Contact us for more details